Happiness – most of us probably don’t know the formal meaning of happiness, we just know it when we feel it.

For some, happiness is that feeling that comes over us when life is good and you can’t help but smile. For many others, just knowing that you have a meal for the day is enough to make you happy.

At bonhappi-T, our happiness comes from connecting those who can with those who can’t.

Founded by Susan Wright and brothers Felix and Ollie Schmitz, bonhappi-T is a simple yet revolutionary idea.

It started with the realisation that whilst many people would love to do good, they often simply don’t know how to. If people could be provided with an inexpensive, quick way to make a real difference, then meaningful helping out would become an easy part of everyday life.

This is what bonhappi-T does. Buying a t-shirt is something almost everyone does often. Now, with every bonhappi-T bought, up to 20% of the payment is donated to feed one hungry mouth for one month.

That’s happiness for the feeder, who adds value to a hungry life and by wearing their bonhappi-T, shares the idea and passes on the opportunity to other people, and happiness for the fed.

bonhappi-T is a for-profit business that relies on its success to remain sustainable and keep feeding people on a regular basis.

It’s also an idea that has captured the hearts of many of our suppliers – now followers, in what we call the bonhappi-T happiness movement.

bonhappi-T – happiness comes standard with every T-shirt.